About me

Sofia Rito is a spiritual therapist and tarot reader. She does not know exactly when her passion for the cards began, but it was certainly somewhere in her childhood, for she has was always felt very curious about the spiritual world.
She began reading playing cards – cartomancy – for fun, making small predictions for friends. As a teenager, she discovered Tarot and, although she continued studying science education, she always kept her connection with the cards and the spiritual world.

When, years later, she discovered the Petit Lenormand deck, she found her companion for life and they remain inseparable to this day. This strong connection created the need to teach it through the publication of a book on the subject, in 2015.
Sofia Rito is the author of several books on spirituality: Segredos do Baralho Vera Sibilla Italiana [(Secrets of Italian Vera Sibille Deck) (2021, Editora Farol)]; O Poder do Pêndulo: Introdução à Radiestesia [(The Power of the Pendulum: Introduction to Dowsing) (2020, Editora Farol)]; Oráculo dos Seus Guias Espirituais [(Oracle of your Spirit Guides) (2019, Editora Farol)]; Espiritualidade para Todos [(Spirituality for All) (2017, Editora Farol)]; Descubra os Segredos do Lenormand [(Discover the Secrets of Lenormand) (2015, ed. Chiado Editora)]; and Descubra os Segredos do Tarot [(Discover the Secrets of the Tarot) (2014, ed. Chiado Editora)].
She is also author of two decks: Sofia Rito Lenormand (2017) and Vera Sibilla della Sophia (2020).
Professionally, she is also responsible for the Sapo LifeStyle horoscope, collaborates in article writing for specialised magazines and is a regular on TV shows discussing spirituality.