Tarot Appointment
Chronic Radionic Table

Using Tarot and several decks, the consultant is taken into the recognition and the understanding of the present moment and, at the same time, the road to the future is unveiled. In this regard, you can ask questions about love, work, money, family, among others.
With this appointment, you will find the way to the meaning of life. You will regain the light that so often you look for, so you can own your destiny again (about 60 minutes)

The Hebrew pendulum radiates the energy of the hebrew words that generate changes in the vibratory frequency of our energy  bodies, reaching our DNA and balancing the energy of the affected organs and “erasing” the information of the disease.
It works on four levels: physical, psychological,  emotional and spiritual and on the seven layers or electromagnetic fields. It is a wonderful tool that allows to balance physical and emotional changes. It also allows the detection of imbalances (diseases) before they manifest in the physical body.

Christic Radionic Table focuses on the spiritual development of the human being, providing power and focusing its work mainly on vibrating uplifting. It is believed that with a positive vibrating change, the dissonant energy will not be able to interfere in the Supreme Being of the treated person. At the same time, each person will accelerate his/her spiritual development process which means that a higher potential of physical, emotional and spiritual self-healing will be increased, as well as self awareness. Physical, spiritual, astral, psychological and emotional bodies healing will happen inside out.

In the same appointment you can ally the wisdom of card reading to the treatment that the Radionic Table provides. This appointment allows the diagnosis of the current situation, perspectives for the future and, based on this information, a work is performed thereafter (…)

Appointments are made remotely through video call. They can be via Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime.