Spiritual development and canalization course
20 January, 2020
7 June, 2019
The Radionic Christian Table focuses on the spiritual development of the Human Being, giving him power, focusing his work mainly on vibrational elevation. Believing that with a positive vibrational change, the dissonant energies will have no space to interfere in the treated person's Supreme Good. At the same time, each person will accelerate their spiritual development process, which means that there will be an increased potential for physical, emotional and spiritual self-healing and self-awareness. The healing of the physical, spiritual, astral, mental and emotional bodies will happen from the inside out. As well as the Radionic Table of Saint Germain and Archangel Michael and the Regressive Radionic Table, the Chronic Radionic Table is also a vibrational action tool, based on the principles of dowsing, radionics, sacred geometry and other energetic and spiritual symbols. It is a powerful healing instrument, based on Sacred Geometry and the Seven Rays of the Ascended Masters.