Christic Radionic Table Course – Available on-line!
7 June, 2019

The Hebrew pendulum is considered a High Tech tool within Dowsing. The Hebrew pendulum comes from ancient kabbalists and was rediscovered by Pierre Gelly, a french dowser from the 20th century. This pendulum radiates the energy of the hebrew words that generate changes in the vibratory frequency of our energy bodies, reaching our DNA and balancing the energy of the affected organs and “erasing” the information of the disease.
It works on four levels: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual and on the seven layers or electromagnetic fields.

The Hebrew pendulum is a tool that can be used both at personal and therapeutic level, together with other therapies (Reiki, Sound Therapy…). It is a wonderful tool that allows to balance physical and emotional changes.It also allows the detection of imbalances (diseases) before they manifest in the physical body.
The Hebrew pendulum is a wood cylinder covered with labels in hebrew language that radiates the energy of the hebrew words. Its letters produce a wave/shape energy that allows a very effective unlocking, balancing and healing. It is an ancient knowledge within our reach.

Benefits of the Pendulum

  1. It detects imbalances (diseases) before they manifest in the physical body
  2. It harmonises physical, emotional and mental changes
  3. It diagnoses and cleans the electromagnetic field of the miasmas (information about future diseases) and energy parasites
  4. It performs a physical, emotional and mental cleansing
  5. It detects and cuts off psychic magic and ritual magic
  6. It helps to cut off unconscious pacts (energy cordons) that we may have with other people
  7. It is very useful in cases of stress, depression, agony and mourning
  8. It helps to overcome fears, to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, it activates the inner strength, creates inner peace, joy, peace of mind and activates the ability to bring abundance to our lives

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