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26 July, 2016
General Tarot Consulting
25 July, 2016

The Lenormand Deck was created by Mille Lenormand, a famous french fortune teller and was popularised all over Europe for being a very accurate and “talkative” oracle, keeping up with other popular games, such as Tarot.
Later, Roma people came to develop their spirituality around these cards, and the name of Gipsy Oracle Cards arose. Both oracles are very similar and yet they have differences, which means that there is no confusion, neither in the play style nor in their own meanings.

In this course, we shall go to the origins, the Lenormand Deck and study the traditional approach.


  • Brief history of the Lenormand Deck
  • Cleansing and consecration Rituals
  • Study of the 36 cards
  • Combinations
  • Releases
  • Ethics

Required material (not included in the course fee)
Petit Lenormand
Book: Segredos do Baralho Lenormand
2 days from 10 am to 5 pm

This Course is available on-line, please request information to the e-mail: geral@sofiarito.com