Akashic Records Course
8 August, 2016
Tarot course – Available on-line!
26 July, 2016

The Regressive Radionic Table (RRT) is defined in the scope of radionics and works on blockages that were deeply created in past lives. The therapist is driven through time travel until he finds the life where the blockages were created.
Then, by his/her own clairvoyance, he/she embarks on a journey to the visualization of the life where the blockage was created and leads the person in therapy to visualise it as well. With the Regressive Radionic table always as a foundation, the tools act directly and energetically unblock the evolutionary path.


  • Study of the RRT Sacred Symbolism
  • Study of the RRT elements
  • RRT operating mode
  • Measurements
  • Invocation of Masters and Beings of Light for our RRT
  • Initial and closure invocation
  • Anchorage of symbols to the RRT: students will receive a series of symbols and florals from which they should choose to be anchored to RRT
  • Practical Exercises: individual and collective so that the students can feel safe operating with RRT

Prerequisites: it is an advanced course so students have to master dowsing and perform visualisation exercises easily

This Course is available on-line, please request information to the e-mail: geral@sofiarito.com