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7 June, 2019
Akashic Records Course
8 August, 2016

Magnified Healing® is a harmonisation and “healing” process which is very suitable nowadays for it considers the degree of information and awareness available in mankind and also the requirements imposed by the demands of daily life.
In this system, the practitioner learns how to connect with high vibratory frequency energy (attributes) and, during the practice, he is actively and conscientiously involved in his own transformation and healing process, becoming the co-creator of the quantic conditions of his own life. Actually, the daily practice of Magnified Healing® requires only a few minutes and it is a source of profound transformations in the practitioners’ lives.
This practice integrates several therapeutic modalities in a breathing, sound and motion symbiosis.
Magnified Healing® allows to perform psychic transplants of organs, to heal Karma, to build the “Body of Light”, to activate all DNA strings (and reprogramme them) and to activate the Five Superior Bodies. Therefore, Magnified Healing® allows healing on every level (physical, emotional, psychological, etheric, spiritual, etc.) and so it consists of an Initiation for Ascension.
Learning and Practice will allow the student, under supervision, to teach the process in a very short time.

  • Basic Concepts
  • Spiritual Hierarchy and Ascent Masters: The Divine Self/Superior Self, Trina Flame and Violet Flame
  • Attributes of the “New Era” and requirements for Ascension
  • Chakras and the Body of Light. The several bodies and multidimensionality
  • What is Magnified Healing®? Who is Kwan Yin?
  • Floral Essence and music for Magnified Healing®

2. Elements for Practice – instructions

  • Meditation to acquire power
  • Preparation
  • Spiritual Centres (or Chakras) alignment
  • Light Channel cleansing
  • Hand energy enhancement
  • Healing (self and others)
  • Sensitise, Awake, reactivate and connect the nervous system
  • Examine/Heal the Body and stimulate the calcium on the vertebral column
  • Karma healing and Trina Flame expansion
  • Ascension preparation
  • Distance Healing (individual and groups)
  • Earth Healing

3. Elements of Teaching – instructions
4. Initiation
5. Certification as Magnified Healing® Master-teacher