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Baralho Lenormand



☀ 36 Card Deck

☀ 300 gsm Professional Smooth Card Stock (rounded corners)

☀ Surface finish gold

☀ Cardboard box

☀ Size – 5,7 x 8,7 cm.

This Lenormand is a deck created by me.

The Sofia Rito Lenormand® is a Petit Lenormand deck consisting of 36 cards. The illustration of the cards is inspired by their countries of origin in Central Europe, Germany, and France, and is enriched by elements that carry us to that reality.

When handling these cards and during a spread, the reader is drawn to the beauty, sensibility, and romanticism of Central Europe. At the same time, the accuracy of the symbolism of these cards allows read them, regardless of the origin of the method. However, the method described in this guide is the German one, since it is the author’s method of choice and because we consider that it enables us to draw more detailed information during spreads.

The composition of the cards was devised bearing in mind the position of the elements, the energy of the details, and small details that make it extremely intuitive. Breaking the barriers between the reader and his or her spiritual guides is the main purpose of this deck!

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