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Pêndulo de Ísis de Madeira



Hand turned wood pendulum with Ísis Egyptian format, approx 80mm of tall. It has a black cotton string.

As with all my pendulums this comes with a little pouch in green or pink, please, with your order, tell me your favourit colour.

✧The Goddess Isis Pendulum has 4 ‘batteries’ that create a white beam of energy coming out from the tip.

✧Isis a mental pendulum that can be used as a transmitter or receiver of different vibrations according to the mental command of the operator. It doesn’t need neutralisation – it cleans itself. Because of its unique properties and safety it should be considered a basic and necessary pendulum of every dowser. This is possibly the most versatile dowsing pendulum you ever owned. Due to those qualities Isis can be successfully used to dowse for things like checking compatibility with food, supplements, allergy sensitivity tests, map dowsing, general dowsing (answering yes/no questions) etc.

✧The Isis Pendulum is the most well known, appreciated and used of Egyptian group of pendulums. It took its name after Isis (Greek Izyda), Goddess of Haven and Earth, wife of Osiris and mother of Horus.

✧Ísis is one of the therapeutic pendulums (named ‘General Healing Pendulum’ in Europe), since it emits its own energy at a frequency equivalent to radiesthetic white. This strong, constant radiation makes it perfect for use as a ‘carrier wave’ which can be modulated and used in teleradiesthesia, the use of radiesthesic equipment from a distance).


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