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Vera Sibilla della Sophia



The Vera Sibilla della Sophia is a 52-card deck inspired by the Italian Vera Sibilla created in Italy in the 19th century around the year 1880. Probably the Vera Sibilla was born from the popularity of the Petit Lenormand deck, leading the card-laying to assume a prominence, which opened doors to the desire for creating a deck with a superior and richness in meanings.


Cards are divided by suits:

  • Diamonds – Representing the material world, finances, the achievement of objectives, business, and work.
  • Hearts – represent affections, the emotional side, relationships, love, passions, pleasure, and fertility.
  • Spades – Representing the communication and thoughts, but mainly reflect pain, suffering, limitations, blockages in general. This suit, compared to other decks like the Tarot or the Lenormand Deck, in my opinion, has a more negative connotation.
  • Clubs – It portrays passions, creativity, commitment, adventure, career, and strength.


Each of the suits consists of 13 cards, and for each suit, there are 3 figures: 11 – Jack; 12 – Queen; 13 – King. These can represent characters or characterize events through their symbology.


The Sibilla cards also have the lottery numbers at their base, probably by the fact that the Italian people be very fond of gambling.


Nevertheless, what makes this deck fascinating are the images, which reflect the episodes of daily matters and which tell life stories in a direct and detailed way. At the same time, they allow that intuition flows through expressive illustrations and of the connection with spiritual guides.


All cards have a designation in their base, which connects directly with the meaning of the card.


I hope that you enjoy this deck!


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